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Welcome to Southampton Decking Co

Welcome to Southampton Decking Co, your one-stop shop for all your decking needs.

Whilst there are a lot of ways that you can make your garden area more enticing, decking is one that always works. If   maximises the space around your home, improving its aesthetics and usability.

Making the most of those extra spaces improves the value of your home and can bring your outdoor area to life! However, poor planning and preparation when putting up the outdoor decks will just lead to huge landscaping errors that you will regret for years.

Decking must be done by someone who knows the project well and is equipped with the right tools and skills. This is the main reason why you should get in touch with our trusted landscaping company to realise your decking concepts and ideas into actual construction.

The following are some best ideas that you must consider when installing a deck at home. With us, you can guarantee to have the best deck builders and landscape designers who can pull off quality decking installation.

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Put the Size in the Equation

It is always appealing to have a big deck that covers a large area of your patio or garden. Whilst this may be appealing to many people, a short-deck approach is still a brilliant idea when you take into account the size of your area.

When you have a small space with a large deck, the whole thing does not have the right proportionality. Also, with decking, consider that area in your garden that gets sunlight in the early morning or in the evenings. The deck must occupy a wide space whilst leaving enough space for other components or installations later on.


Level the Ground

If your home has unleveled ground, then you may not have to hire a landscaping company to level the entire space for you to install a deck. You can have the outdoor deck made in such a way that it has functions towards the ugly parts while the deck remains even. Doing so allows you to utilize and maximise some space that has potential.


Include the Shade

Outdoor spaces that face south are always a choice when it comes to decking. This is mainly because such areas get a tremendous amount of sunlight. But, too much exposure to light can create a new problem for your deck. No one would want to stay outdoors for many hours on a hot warm day. The answer to this problem is having some form of shade on the deck to counter the roasting sun. Putting up a shelter is also an ideal alternative.

When you choose us as your certified installers, then you are guaranteed to get expert results from our deck builders and landscape designers.

Timber Decking Installation Hobart

Timber Decking

Our selection of quality timber decking provides services for local and commercial applications. Select from colour-washed, treated, and slip-resistant timber decking boards. It is wise to note that deck boards can be fitted with slip-resistant strips. Moreover, our timber deck boards offer multiple possibilities catering to many applications.

Included in our decking products and services are timbers, deck stair strings, deck maintenance, and more. We also boast our extensive range of cladding, mouldings, and other landscaping products.

Furthermore, beyond the decking, we also have pergolas and stairs to go with your deck installation. There is nothing more exciting than to have a total transformation of your outdoor space. Southampton Decking Co is one of the most experienced and trusted decking suppliers in the UK. Discover more about our range of decking products and services today.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is designed to be resistant to cracks,  and rot,  as well as resistant to mould, fungi, and other usual problems that timber decking is prone to. This decking material comes from a combination of wood and plastic and it is easily maintained by using pressure cleaner or just soapy water, for durability that lasts years.

Timber Decking Porch Hobart

Offering You Quality Pergolas, Stairs, Balustrades and More:



If you need help with your other outdoor projects that complement your decking installation such as stairs, pergolas, and even balustrades, then Southampton Decking Co is the name to call. We offer the following for your garden balustrade:

  • Timber pales or turned timber spindle;
  • Galvanised fittings and fixings;
  • Classic, stylish designs;
  • Various colours and themes.

Single Pergolas

Single garden Pergolas can be utilised as divisions to separate patio areas from the rest of the garden which puts out more privacy for dining rooms.


Double Pergolas

Double Pergola can be used to give out areas for sunbathing or relaxing, giving better shade for the summer months.



If you are in search of deck builders who can install stairs leading up to your house or garden, then you have come to the right place.

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FAQs about Decking

Here are the frequently asked questions from our clients, and the answers will help you make a suitable choice.

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What is involved in maintaining a decking?

Decks have proven to be extremely popular, and a cheap way to put more living space to a home. Decks make it simple to enjoy sitting outside day or night. The decks can open up the space and help with entertaining and outdoor dining. However,  decks are also prone to the damaging effects of outdoor elements. As such, deck maintenance is really needed to prevent faded colours due to dirt, moss, algae, and other insects.

These factors can damage the surface of the wood. As part of your deck upkeep, you must assess your deck every year or two. Keep tabs on any loose boards or nails that require repair. Strip off the deck of any furniture or objects. Before the beginning of the cleaning process, ensure that no children gain access to the space.

How long does it take to build a decking in the UK?

For a 12 x 24-foot outdoor space, it usually requires two people to finish and will take anywhere from one to three weeks with direct relation to industry experience and skills. A professional team of installers usually can have the project finished in a week or less.

Putting up an attached deck is a complicated construction project that puts up a beautiful and refreshing outdoor living area when done right the first time. When done awfully, it can cost you more in-home repairs, and so, hiring a professional to seek or help with some or all of the steps can make sure a successful and secure installation.

How long will my decking last?

With proper care and maintenance, along with accurate and careful installation and high-quality materials, a decking can serve you up to 20 years and even more. Wooden timber decking can stay in good shape for at least 15 years. It basically depends on the type of wood used and how it is taken care of. On the other hand, composite decking may last even longer – as long as 25-30 years.

How much does it cost to build a decking?

One must anticipate that decking installation costs can start at £800 and £1200 for 15m² of the softwood deck project. The cost of composite decking or hardwood decking, on the other hand, starts at £1400 to £2500.

Furthermore, the cost of having about 15m² of softwood decking in your outdoor space can cost around £800 to £1200. For about the same area, hardwood decking installation costs start at £1800 to £2200, while composite wood decking cost is at £1400 to £1800, and PVC decking installation will be £900 to £1000.

What type of decking is the best - composite or timber?

Both materials have a range of options and boast their own benefits and cons depending on your preference. Composite decking is not that slippery as timber and offers a wide range of textures and tones. The finish is also really more put together, and every board of a composite deck is of the same colour and texture. Meanwhile, timber decking can have varying colours – thanks to the natural wood and textures.

On the other hand,  composite deck boards will maintain the same look and colour for a really long time without the need for continuous maintenance. So if you would like a trouble-free deck, then this is the better option. However, a lot of our clients just need the look and texture of real wood, or the functions and deals of a hardwood deck.

Timber decking may possibly cause splinters if not properly managed and no upkeep methods were employed. It can also be a bit dangerous when wet. The tones are also more restricted, but you can modify the colour of your decking with finished or even paint if needed. In the end, it will still be your personal preference that matters.

Can you place decking over pavers?

One can simply install a deck on brick paving or level sand. The character of raised decks makes it possible and easier for them to be put up over existing paving or sand. In actuality, installers point to the installation of raised decks as a cost-effective way of covering old or damaged brick or garden.

Is decking cheaper than paving?

In terms of construction projects, every homeowner desires to cut on cost as much as possible. Lessening the cost whilst utilising durable materials are the top considerations for your outdoor installation. With regards to sprucing up your outdoor space, factors need to be considered to know if decking is cheaper than paving.

Many factors impact how much you will spend if you are either using decking or pavers for outdoor installation. The biggest factor that will influence the cost is the materials you want to use.

In terms of pavers, cement, concrete, and stone bricks are some of the cheapest selections that you can land on. For one, you can use graphite, sandstone, and porcelain as other choices.  They can be way more costly than regular stone pavements. In total, you may discover pavers as really cheaper than decking. However, apart from the total cost, personal preference will always take precedence.

With Southampton Decking Co, we guarantee honest, ethical and upfront estimates on all jobs from the start, and ensure no hidden costs further down the track.

Your One-Stop Destination for Your Decking Needs

Any decking project, whether using timber or composite materials, requires careful planning and preparation. Unless you have the skills, knowledge, and the right tools to get the job done, it is better left to the experts. Otherwise, instead of saving money, you will end up spending a lot more on costly repairs. And much worse is when you need to seek out help from the experts to finish the project that you couldn’t complete. Call us up at Southampton Decking Co!

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